Celebrating 40 years of U.S.-ASEAN Relations


U.S.-ASEAN Connect is a new strategic, unifying framework to deepen the United States’ growing economic cooperation with ASEAN. President Obama announced Connect on February 15, 2016, at the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders’ Summit in Sunnylands, CA. Connect will support regional integration efforts of the new ASEAN Economic Community and build upon the positive economic ties between the U.S. and ASEAN. Together, ASEAN countries are the fourth-largest trading partner for the United States supporting millions of jobs in the region and in America. U.S. businesses are the largest cumulative source of FDI in ASEAN.


To implement Connect, we are announcing the launch of the U.S-ASEAN Connect Center led by a new resident director and dedicated staff and operating as part of the U.S. Mission to ASEAN in Jakarta. The Center will work closely with strategic Connect locations with regionally focused staff in Bangkok and Singapore to carry forward the Connect vision. The Connect personnel in these three locations will coordinate closely with the ten bilateral U.S. embassies in the ASEAN member state capitals that will remain the primary points of contact for country-specific issues.

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Connect will deepen our relationship and deliver assistance, programming, trade and investment. It is organized around four pillars, under which we are excited to announce new programs and activities. For a complete picture of all the Connect engagements the U.S. government is involved with, please see this White House U.S.-ASEAN Connect fact sheet.

Supports increased commercial engagement between the United States and ASEAN.

New Programs and Activities

  • Memorandum of Understanding with the Singapore Ministry of Trade: U.S. and Singaporean firms will work to deliver e-commerce, financial technology, infrastructure, and smart city solutions throughout ASEAN.

    Coordinating Agency: U.S. Commercial Service

  • ASEAN Agribusiness Financing: The United States is establishing an agribusiness credit enhancement program, in partnership with regional financial institutions, to increase access to finance and improve business processes and technologies for small and medium-sized agribusinesses and entrepreneurs in the region.

    Coordinating Agency: USAID

helps develop ASEAN’s power sector using sustainable, efficient, and innovative technologies.

New Programs and Activities

  • USAID Clean Power Asia: a new multi-million dollar, multi-year effort in ASEAN member states to increase the supply of grid-connected renewable energy.

    Coordinating Agency: USAID

supports innovation-focused ecosystems that spur invention, create new businesses, promote sustainable growth and assist ASEAN in developing the region’s future innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

New Programs and Activities

  • Women’s Livelihood Bond Program: leverages just over $15 million in private capital to create sustainable livelihoods for women.

    Coordinating Agency: USAID in partnership with the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Digital Economy Initiative: This cross-cutting initiative will focus on the primary drivers of a successful digital economy to support ASEAN in developing an open and integrated digital economy that can drive innovation and inclusive economic growth.

    The initiative will begin with an assessment paper on the key regional digital economy challenges and opportunities, followed by a series of public-private policy engagements focused on best practices and how to develop a policy and regulatory ecosystem that fosters a thriving digital economy, and accompanied by a variety of capacity-building activities delivered through the U.S.-ASEAN Information and Communications Technology Workplan.

    Coordinating Agencies: U.S. Dept. of State, USAID, U.S. Commercial Service

works with ASEAN countries to improve the policy and regulatory environment for growth, trade, innovation and investment supporting ASEAN Member States’ regional integration objectives under the ASEAN Economic Community.

New Programs and Activities

  • U.S.-ASEAN Trade Workshops: These workshops, included under the U.S.-ASEAN Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement, will familiarize ASEAN Member State officials with the elements that go into high-standard trade agreements, helping to improve the environment for trade and investment.

    Coordinating Agencies: U.S. Trade Representative (Lead), USAID, U.S. Dept. of State


U.S.-ASEAN Connect Launches

President Obama announced the official launch of U.S.-ASEAN Connect during the 4th U.S.-ASEAN Summit on September 8th, 2016, to deepen and strengthen our economic relationship. For more details on this new strategic framework and for information on newly announced programs and activities, check out the Connect Resources page.

U.S. Continues Support of Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship through Connect

Between the announcement of U.S.-ASEAN Connect at the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders’ Summit in Sunnylands, California and its official launch at the 4th U.S.-ASEAN Summit in Lao PDR, we’ve been busy.

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Stay Tuned for More Connect Events

Continue to watch this space for information about new U.S.-ASEAN Connect events.
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Effective economic engagement requires coordination to utilize the wide variety of expertise and resources the United States has to offer. We are collaborating across U.S. government agencies and offices, and are deepening cooperation with the U.S. private sector to deliver programming, events, and assistance to promote inclusive economic growth and encourage improvements in the rule of law and the business climate.


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